Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course - ATEC

Publish date:09/2021
Publish format:Online

The Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course (ACES 2.0) is the extension/outreach component of the AlgaeTechnology Educational Consortium (ATEC). ACES 2.0 is divided into two components: macroalgae and microalgae.

This first component of ACES 2.0 covers macroalgae (seaweed) and is designed for those already in the
fishing,shellfishing or aquaculture industry seeking to learn the basic skills to grow these aquatic
plants, and for those interested in getting into seaweed farming. It is also a great program for students to learn a different type of food production system that is environmentally sound. The culture of macroalgae and / or seaweeds is an industry that is expanding rapidly in the New England and the Pacific Northwest, and around the world. Recent shifts in commercial aquaculture offer fishermen and lobstermen the opportunity to grow seaweed during the winter when their fisheries are shut down. ACES 2.0 is an on-line curriculum that covers both the U.S. perspective as well as inclusion of seaweed culture around the world.

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